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Video roundup!

Posted by aonomus on May 17, 2011

This is what happens when real life is busy, I forget to post videos!

So, first off I started filming chemistry videos again on a semi-regular basis. First video is on solvent distillation, and the next about bioplastics.

Next up is a video about the Toronto Mini Maker Faire which happened not so long ago.

Anyway, real life is busy, so perhaps I’ll get around to making more videos!

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Digital Oscilloscopes, Capacitor Banks, and Loud Bangs – Oh my.

Posted by aonomus on April 18, 2011

I just finished my entry for the Tektronix Oscilloscope Video Contest and uploaded it to youtube, the premise being that measuring a 10kA pulse power discharge is (as you would imagine) challenging. Having a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) makes it much easier.

You can view my video entry on my channel on youtube below, but once you do, please do vote for my entry daily at – help me win a primo DSO so that I can further my capabilities for research.

Video: Inductive Current Sensing – The 10kA Challenge (Tektronix Scope Contest Submission, HD version)

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Hacklab Toronto!

Posted by aonomus on April 3, 2011

So I’ve been a member of a hackerspace for about a year now, unofficially for near 2 years. The hackerspace in question is, a hackerspace in Toronto, Canada. We decided to film a promotional video to help show people what we are about and that its a cool space to hang out at. I helped with the conception and editing to a degree, so without further delay, here is the video (best viewed in 1080).

If you are interested as to where you can find a hackerspace near you, just visit for a listing of cool places like this near you!

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Mission: Workbench Resurfacing

Posted by aonomus on April 1, 2011

So you may have seen my old workbench that I built a few years ago in a variety of videos, blog posts, and other bits of projects documented here. I recently decided that in order to not only resume filming videos, but to increase the production value behind them and make them look better.

Image: before (left) and after (right)

Read on for a detailed, image heavy post about the entire process.

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ROV Thruster Testing

Posted by aonomus on January 13, 2011

So another ROV update, I did some tests of bilge pump motors as thrusters and got some interesting results



Model Direction Voltage (V) Current (I) Power (w) Thrust (lb) W/lb
1000gph w/ propeller Forward 12.5 7A 87.5 1.25-1.5 58-70
Reverse 12.5 7.5 93.75 1-1.25 75-93.75
500gph w/ propeller Forward 13.0 5.0 65.0 0.5 130
Reverse 13.0 4.5 58.5 0.75 78

These are some strange results that I need to reconcile before carrying forward, particularly the odd thrust value of the 500gph motor in forward.

Future plans involve testing nozzle shapes such as straight nozzles, nozzles with collimating fins (to reduce turbulent flow or increase laminar flow), and Kort rings. Anyone with expertise in this area feel free to chime in with comments.

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