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Repairing the Advance Electronics SG62B signal generator

Posted by aonomus on June 5, 2010

… also known as repairing vintage equipment made before you were born.

A friend approached me to take a look at his old RF signal generator, good for 150kHz-220MHz. According to him the RF output frequency ‘drifted’. Armed with the sliver of information, and with no service manual in hand I set about trying to repair it

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Dealextreme LiFePO4 batteries and a GT Power A8 charger update

Posted by aonomus on June 5, 2010

Months ago I wrote a review on the GT Power A8 with a few charts of battery charging/discharging, namely on a NiCd battery pack and a single LiFePO4 cell. Recently I got around to assembling the remainder of my Dealextreme LiFePO4 packs into a 4S1P battery pack with balancing lead and set about testing both the charger and the batteries.

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