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ROV Thruster Testing

Posted by aonomus on January 13, 2011

So another ROV update, I did some tests of bilge pump motors as thrusters and got some interesting results



Model Direction Voltage (V) Current (I) Power (w) Thrust (lb) W/lb
1000gph w/ propeller Forward 12.5 7A 87.5 1.25-1.5 58-70
Reverse 12.5 7.5 93.75 1-1.25 75-93.75
500gph w/ propeller Forward 13.0 5.0 65.0 0.5 130
Reverse 13.0 4.5 58.5 0.75 78

These are some strange results that I need to reconcile before carrying forward, particularly the odd thrust value of the 500gph motor in forward.

Future plans involve testing nozzle shapes such as straight nozzles, nozzles with collimating fins (to reduce turbulent flow or increase laminar flow), and Kort rings. Anyone with expertise in this area feel free to chime in with comments.

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