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Digital Oscilloscopes, Capacitor Banks, and Loud Bangs – Oh my.

Posted by aonomus on April 18, 2011

I just finished my entry for the Tektronix Oscilloscope Video Contest and uploaded it to youtube, the premise being that measuring a 10kA pulse power discharge is (as you would imagine) challenging. Having a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) makes it much easier.

You can view my video entry on my channel on youtube below, but once you do, please do vote for my entry daily at – help me win a primo DSO so that I can further my capabilities for research.

Video: Inductive Current Sensing – The 10kA Challenge (Tektronix Scope Contest Submission, HD version)

2 Responses to “Digital Oscilloscopes, Capacitor Banks, and Loud Bangs – Oh my.”

  1. […] capacitor bank when you pulse discharge it? Well Norman from Procrastinatus shows us his method. Inductive Current Sensing is done using a Rogowski coil which is wrapped around the high current output of the capacitor […]

  2. […] a sudden discharge, he’d like to measure the current pushed from the device. He’s found a way to do this using a digital storage oscilloscope. To protect the oscilloscope [Norman] built his own interface box that includes a 50x voltage […]

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