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Posted by aonomus on December 30, 2007

Air raid siren:
Air Raid Siren

Powerplant: 180hp gas powered V-8 HEMI by Chrysler
Weight: 3 tons
Noise Rating: 138 dB
Power rating: 30,000w
Range: 4 miles


Puts the audio equipment at work to shame ­čśŽ

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How Not to Do It – Cube Taps

Posted by aonomus on December 28, 2007

Its the wonderful time of year where you get Christmas trees out and load them up with lights to consume more power, but as a warning to people, keep in mind not to overdo it. This is the result of putting 2 outdoor Christmas tree’s on a single timer, and putting that timer on a cube-tap.

Fried TimerCube-tap Of Death

But regardless, be careful when stringing together Christmas tree lights as always and please perform your usual sanity checks, be safe.

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Facebook – Social Naiveity?

Posted by aonomus on December 27, 2007

Without trying to insult or offend Facebook users or people in general, I’d like to raise the issue of social naivety. Posting quiz results or photos for instance shows a image, however I find it troubling that people go to the extent of taking quizes either out of obligation, or to prove to themselves or others the image that they find ideal. For instance, many users post a multitude of personal information with no regard as to the negative consequences. Pictures of parties (dry or not) would be the most obvious example for outsiders, profile information combined with pictures would only act as a reason for negative stereotypes to be built against individuals despite their actual nature. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Darwinian Christmas

Posted by aonomus on December 27, 2007

A Darwinian ChristmasThe HoardChaotic BattlefieldCharge!

The Darwinians wish you a Merry Christmas! It would appear that when the system clock says Dec 25th, the Darwinians don Christmas hats, and snow begins to fall…. a nice easter egg for those that have played this before.

I’ll post more pictures as I progress through Darwinia and find good shots.

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Overkill much?

Posted by aonomus on December 26, 2007

So ASUS seems to have come out with a LCD with a protective cover made of ‘crystal sapphire’, the LS201….

However who would ever take a arbalest to a LCD? Maybe a better test would be a ballistics comparison of 9mm, .45ACP, 5.56mm, and .50BMG rounds…..

Also a cnet review for the readers.

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