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TF2 Buttons!

Posted by aonomus on September 16, 2008

So as a result of being bored on campus and having a friend who has a button machine, I has a button.

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Theres at least *one* dev team going to the special hell

Posted by aonomus on February 14, 2008

View at your own caution.

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A Darwinian Christmas

Posted by aonomus on December 27, 2007

A Darwinian ChristmasThe HoardChaotic BattlefieldCharge!

The Darwinians wish you a Merry Christmas! It would appear that when the system clock says Dec 25th, the Darwinians don Christmas hats, and snow begins to fall…. a nice easter egg for those that have played this before.

I’ll post more pictures as I progress through Darwinia and find good shots.

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