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Explained absense, and more news!

Posted by aonomus on March 26, 2011

So, its been a long time since my last sign of activity both on this blog and on youtube and I apologize for anyone that has subscribed to this blog. I’ve been in a bit of a funk recently with work, life, and drama. But, I’m over that now and I’ll stop whining! To tease you the reader, I have a bunch of good news:

Most of my personal project time over the past few months has been spent working on a academic project which will (hopefully) be published in J. Chem Ed. in near future. My major contribution to the project is now complete, so now I have some more time to focus on my own projects. And even while I was in my dry spell, I was still working to design in CAD several electronics projects which need to be fabricated ASAP to meet some deadlines.

Now that I’m ramping back up for high gear on my own personal projects, I’m going to resume my normal blogging habits and attempt at least a weekly update to keep everyone interested in cool happenings. Its not my usual style to blog on topical stuff vs showcasing a project (or progress thereof), but I’ll give it my best shot.

Next on the chopping block: sprucing up my workbench so that it looks cleaner on video, and that leads me to my next point, hopefully weekly videos. I have a nice long list of chemistry technique videos as well as experiments that I’ve wanted to showcase on video for some time now, but been primarily discouraged by the unprofessional look of the bench. Soon enough that will change! I’m refinishing my benchtop surface and adding a back to the bench to clean up the look.

On top of the upgrades to the workspace, I’ve got a new computer to edit videos faster, more lighting in the basement for clearer videos, and a more streamlined workflow. Stay tuned…

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