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Dealextreme LiFePO4 batteries and a GT Power A8 charger update

Posted by aonomus on June 5, 2010

Months ago I wrote a review on the GT Power A8 with a few charts of battery charging/discharging, namely on a NiCd battery pack and a single LiFePO4 cell. Recently I got around to assembling the remainder of my Dealextreme LiFePO4 packs into a 4S1P battery pack with balancing lead and set about testing both the charger and the batteries.

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Review – Crosman 2289G ‘Backpacker’ Air rifle

Posted by aonomus on April 6, 2010

So I finally got my hands on the Crosman 2289G ‘Backpacker’ air rifle and decided that I would write up a review for anyone interested. Its a multi-stroke pump, breech loading, removable stock pistol/rifle hybrid air rifle that is low weight, compact, and still capable at the end of the day.

Note: treat and handle any air rifle as you would a loaded firearm – apply proper firearm safety practices.*

Note 2: This air rifle model is no longer commonly available for sale in most areas, few retailers still carry it (Canadian Tire used to be the major retailer) – I purchased mine from

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Review of the GT Power A8 Battery Charger

Posted by aonomus on October 2, 2009

In the realm of intelligent battery chargers, there are far too many choices. Prices range from about $50USD to some in the $300 range and come with a whole variety of features. The problem is that the new emerging market is for cheap products that don’t perform, or don’t have the durability and quality expected for a complex device.

Most new intelligent battery chargers can charge, discharge, and cycle Pb, NiCd, NiMH, Li-ion, LiPo, and more recently LiFePO4. These chargers feature control over charging/discharging current. Contrast this to your ‘dumb’ chargers that are essentially trickle charge wall warts that push in around 0.5C that can overcharge NiCd/NiMH, or slow LiPo balance trickle chargers that come with RC helis sometimes.

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Review of the Xantrex XPower PowerPack 400 Plus / Motomaster Eliminator 600 PowerBox

Posted by aonomus on August 15, 2009

So I promised a review of this little bad boy, and here it is! Essentially the two products are the same, minus the labelling as Canadian Tire has a deal to rebrand a few Xantrex products including smaller and larger power packs.

In a nutshell, its main features are:

  1. 12V, 20Ah sealed lead acid battery
  2. 400W AC inverter (square wave)
  3. Air compressor with short hose and fittings
  4. Separate jumper cable for boosting low car batteries

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