Why talk about it now?

An experiment in timelapse

Posted by aonomus on January 4, 2009

Shot at 5 seconds/frame while sorting $43.50 in coins. Sadly my old Canon powershot A40 which I use for timelapse decided to stop working, apparently due to the year 2009 bug which recently struck all 30gb Zune players. Fortunately setting the date back to 2008 fixed the problem.

As a bonus for my loyal readers (do I have any?), I just got CHDK working on my Canon S5IS, and I plan to do both timelapse photography (probably once it warms up a bit for outdoor shots in Toronto), and highspeed photography. CHDK allows external triggering using the USB port (by applying +5V, it will trigger the shutter once the voltage is removed), and with the external trigger feature, I plan to build both a sound trigger, and a multi-xenon tube flash array so that high speed events can be triggered with high-intensity flash on sound, or other triggers (eg: opto, logic output, etc). This is a big project for the future, so stay tuned.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, leave a comment down below, and bookmark this blog!

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