Why talk about it now?

How Not to Do It – Fume Hoods

Posted by aonomus on June 1, 2008

Well, PHD Comics did it again:

It’s too true since more than once, a certain lab at my university which will remain unnamned, repeatedly spills various thiols from their stock bottles in the fume hood. These aren’t just run of the mill methyl or ethyl thiols, they’re branched ‘who knows what they would do to you’ kind of thiols that can be smelled several buildings away. The worst bit is that they decided to put the collective fume-hood exhausts *right next to the main building air intake*.

The last time a spill happened everyone on campus could smell it, however I was already in a different chem lab with 6 fume hoods sucking air out, so for some reason I never smelled anything while everyone was in a panic over natural gas (and evacuated the library 2 buildings over).

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