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Explained Hiatus

Posted by aonomus on July 2, 2008

Ok, so its been a while since I’ve made a post, about a month or so. I’ve been sick with strep throat and a cold for 3 weeks total, and travelling. To make it up to y’all, heres a pic loaded post for your pleasure. Anyone with 56k be warned, enter this post and have your modem destroyed.

Ok, to start things off I have tons of new gear, a cheap DMM, a LCR, a panelmount voltmeter, a and a new PSU.

The DMM on the left, about $2, seriously, the LCR meter was about $20, both I bought on my travels to Hong Kong on Apilou St. Apilou St is an entire street of electronics stores, seriously. Its like some sort of wet dream seeing that many stores with that many tools, I regret not having bought more, a $20 IR thermometer seemed like a good deal but I passed, unfortunately.

I also got this panelmount voltmeter, runs off of 120VAC, but unfortunately it seems very inaccurate, I’ll have to do a teardown to figure out just why at a later date. Still a neat piece of kit.

Now this is my old benchtop power supply, salvaged out of an old DVD player, it proved useful for TLL breadboarding, but lacked any power for cooler experiments. Meet the new PSU, a 30V 5A adjustable power supply.

At about 5″ wide, 6″ high, 1′ deep, its fairly compact. Since we all like photos, lets take a look inside.

With some heatsinked transistors in the bank, a torroidal transformer in the bottom and various electronics up above it seems simple enough. While I do have a salvaged UPS transformer that can theoretically give 16V at 80A (!!!?), thats only for the future insane applications, this will do well for now.

Since necessity is the mother of invention, I designed a homemade solder fume extractor using a 90mm fan, a spare ‘3rd hand’, and some activated carbon filter.

A recent trip to A1 Electronics down in Etobicoke lead to me finding a flyback, and a mystery SCR. I managed to make a flyback driver using a TIP122 which overheats very quickly, better transistors are on the way, but I simply couldn’t wait. I managed to draw short 2mm-3mm arcs and light up a xenon tube, but I couldn’t run the driver long enough to get pictures of arcs.

And finally the department of big silicon writes back with a nice SCR, I got it cheap and I intend to return for some more sooner or later.

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