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Dealextreme LiFePO4 batteries and a GT Power A8 charger update

Posted by aonomus on June 5, 2010

Months ago I wrote a review on the GT Power A8 with a few charts of battery charging/discharging, namely on a NiCd battery pack and a single LiFePO4 cell. Recently I got around to assembling the remainder of my Dealextreme LiFePO4 packs into a 4S1P battery pack with balancing lead and set about testing both the charger and the batteries.

Here are the results of my testing with the 4S1P pack that I assembled.

The charging and discharging graphs show that the batteries are poor quality (as to be expected from Dealextreme).

  • At a 1C discharge rate, approximately 700mAh/1350mAh were extracted, only 50% of the advertised capacity.
  • At a <1C charge rate, the battery pack took a little over 1 hour to charge.
  • In both graphs, cell 2 visibly has lower capacity, as it discharges faster and reaches full charge faster than the other cells of the pack.

On the bright side, these graphs showcase the chargers ability to track each cell voltage independently. On the downside it would appear that the charger does not stop discharging as soon as one cell voltage reaches the intended 2.2V cutoff.

Since this battery pack is of low quality and won’t be of much use in high power applications, I’m hoping to get some use out of it by using it to power my LED ring light which is still under construction (waiting on a new UV filter and lens adapter tube on order).

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