Why talk about it now?

The science of procrastination!

Posted by aonomus on February 7, 2010

Ok, perhaps not the science of procrastination, but more along the lines of procrastination with science.

So instead of actually studying for my separations and chromatography course, I went and did flash column chromatography with food colouring and varying solvents on a silica gel loaded pasteur pipette.

I suppose that I could claim its to get a more empirical feel for the Snyder solvent selectivity triangle, but at some point it was just fun to practice something I haven’t done in quite a while. If my professor is reading this – sorry, I’ll get back to studying.

And yes, I realize my column is grossly over-loaded, this was the first run and I hadn’t figured out that 0.1mL of food colouring was already *way* too much.

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