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Audio Amplifier and UPS Scrounging

Posted by aonomus on July 13, 2008

Well here is a two parter for my readers, first off I came across a old audio amplifier and a pair of UPS’s whose batteries were dead (inverters were fine but batteries were worth 90% of original cost!), so I pulled out the old soldering iron and went at it.

I have fewer pictures this time, but the end result of the amplifier was a tray of capacitors and some higher power resistors plus a few other bits.

As for the UPS’s, they were APC backUPS 350 and 500 VA models, the power bar/brick model from a few years back. Both of them had failed batteries and unfortunately due to the way the economy works, like inkjet printers, refills and supplies cost more than a new one. I originally bought these on special, so the batteries would cost more than the UPS. The end result was a pile of IRF640 and IRFZ48 mosfets, some caps and a few transformers as well as the dead batteries (which I did try to recondition before I wrote these off).

And another quick update, some parts for my spectrum analyzer arrived, a large pile of LED’s, some trim pots, and connectors to use. The major shipment with digikey won’t ship until the most important (and therefore the only backordered part) LM3915’s arrive to their distribution warehouse. The shipment contains a ton of other parts such as 2n3055 transistors (and higher power counterparts) for a simple flyback driver, some IRFP450 mosfets for a ZVS flyback driver, and other goodies.

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