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DIY Syringe Pump Version 3!

Posted by aonomus on April 2, 2010

So after a completely failed iteration of the syringe pump (constant jamming of the syringe plunger, hair pulling, etc) that followed the first pump, I’ve come up with a much more compact syringe pump that fits onto a standard project case.

The main difference between this version, and the previous version is the orientation of the mechanisms. The original had the stepper motor behind the plunger, while this version has ‘folded’ in on itself, and has the stepper motor underneath the syringe. The effect is a compact syringe pump that does not take up the entire desk.

The next step is to bolt the pump assembly down onto the case, design the software for a PIC based controller for standalone operation with optional external control, and actually use this for microfluidic devices.

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DIY Syringe Pump Version 1

Posted by aonomus on February 1, 2010

So my last post (ranting on McMaster Carr’s international shipping policy) had a sneak peek of a little mini project that I’ve been up to over the last few days on paper, and finally last night (thanks to the folks over at for their help too) I got some acrylic plastic laser cut to build the device.

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