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My experience at Gull Lake

Posted by aonomus on September 29, 2009

This last weekend I had the chance to go up to the University of Toronto Survey Camp as part of my freshwater ecology course with Dr. Nick Collins. The camp is normally used by Civil engineers to practice their survey skills in the field, but it is also situated on Gull Lake which like most freshwater lakes, supports a diverse ecosystem.

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Science Songs!

Posted by aonomus on January 12, 2009

So I stumbled across this gem of a find – a song that speaks about why we love NMR.

Hooray for NMR Spectroscopy and   Lyrics


So it turns out there are a whole collection of songs on biology and chem… a select choice for any chem students (or mol. bio). A is for Alanine – Good for any student stuck memorizing amino acid residues


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I for one welcome….

Posted by aonomus on December 5, 2008

Our new overlords Tenebrio molitor beetles to my lab.

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