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Anderson Powerpoles and DC Backup Power

Posted by aonomus on July 30, 2010

You may recall from my last post the lovely photo of a large number of sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries gifted to me. I have finally completed the battery bank wiring with a few features in mind.

Originally I had 2x 2s2p 24VDC packs, and a 2s1p 24VDC pack, which I reconfigured to 1s10p.

I started out with this set of 7.2Ah, 12VDC SLA batteries and made up spade crimp terminal to powerpole adapters to allow for easy daisy-chaining of the batteries. I did this for a three reasons.

  • Versatility – I can split off 1, 2, 3, 4 batteries to go power some other device without worrying about disassembling a static installation. Additionally I can change the physical arrangement of the batteries themselves (rectangle, single long string, over/under, etc.
  • Compatibility – all my gear is fit with Powerpoles already
  • Safety – I can make all my connections with a small capacity, then safely series them with connectors that will never allow a short (versus attempting to crimp a long dangly cable wtih 10 crimp connectors on it and connecting it carefully to ensure no shorts occur).

Related to the above 2 photos, I filmed a 2 part video on Anderson Powerpole connectors after I received my shipment from

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