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Apologies for lack of posts

Posted by aonomus on August 7, 2009

Hi all, sorry for the recent lack of posts but a series of events has prevented me from doing stuff and writing articles. Some things I do have planned in the works are:

  • A solar shunt controller for float charging batteries
  • Another battery revival revisit
  • Possibly reviews of the Motomaster Powerbox equivalents of the Xantrex Powerpack 400 plus, and the Powerpack 1500. (Note that due to clumsy charging by a family member, the Powerpack 1500 review may be only partial due to battery issues).

PS: Wisdom tooth extractions, no matter how straightforward are still a pain. (Yeseterday I underwent a wisdom tooth extraction that was simple compared to almost all other stories I’ve heard, but it still hurts!)

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Essential Hacker and Geek Skills

Posted by aonomus on July 16, 2009

So two recent blog posts by UptownMaker and Wired covered different essential hacker and geek skills, they are good lists but both have their niches. I figured that readers would find these useful so without further ado.

The UptownMaker list is more oriented towards makers while the Wired list is more about computer skills and geek cred.

Probably the only thing I would add to that list is how to drill holes in tough materials such as steel, the proper use of lubricants, and tool care.

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Top secret projects, solder smoke, and exhaustion

Posted by aonomus on May 28, 2009

So I have been fairly recluse from the community and blog posts in general, all I can say is that I am working on a damn cool project, which when concluded will have a nice writeup.

Ok I lied, I can also say it involves a smegload of Arduinos.

Thanks to for the donated *duinos by the way.

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I have returned!

Posted by aonomus on April 25, 2009

So I’ve recently vanished from the face of this blog due to exams once again. Never again will I underestimate how much biochemistry there really is (read: over 100 hand written pages of biochem study notes). Regardless, I am now free to relax a bit and update the blog once again! Onto business I suppose.

First things first, since the last rogowski coil update, I haven’t gotten it functioning properly yet. I suspect its due to the fact that I foolishly omitted any form of burden resistor (standard practice with current transducers is to place a resistor of a few ohms to a few hundred to reduce the voltage output). The opamps may be fried, however I have hope that they are still functioning, and as such I will try to modify the integrator to work…

Moving on, tons of projects for the summer:

  • The capacitor bank: I have done some more work on it, reconfiguring the SCR pucks to parallel and the stud diodes to antiparallel to both increase the current capacity (each puck at about 5.5kA for 8.3ms, derate for maybe 8-9kA) and catch all the ringing. My previous design would have failed spectacularly since the configuration was essentially a boost converter with nowhere for voltage to go.
  • I’ve been fiddling with a tiny ZVS flyback driver I built, unfortunately the capacitor I had on hand was insufficient, so at some point I will have to do a revisit.
  • I’ve acquired 3x 1W solar panels for $9 a piece, and they’ll provide just enough power to trickle charge a SLA battery, granted its nothing much but every bit counts, especially if you want to go QRP with a small radio and limited power supply for amateur radio.
  • Plans for a 3 tesla coil symphony using polyphonic MIDI driven by Ableton Live + a multichannel sound card.
  • A few arduino projects including a voltage/current meter and a MIDI control surface 9either mixer style or DJ style).
  • A simple analog signal switcher (ie: powered by 4051 CMOS) or mixer to combine audio outputs from devices to a computer, and a complementary mini-mixer to buffer/isolate audio input from a computer to devices.

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Die Hard 2 – The body count

Posted by aonomus on January 3, 2009

So last night I watched the Die Hard movies and noticed that Die Hard 2 has alot of gratuitous killings in it, so here is the body count for laughs (in chronological order with COD):

  • Church caretaker – shot in the face
  • 1 Bad guy – steamrollered by luggage conveyor system
  • 5 SWAT and 1 bad guy – gunfight
  • 3 Bad guys – Bruce Willis’ed
  • 3 Flight crew, 230 passengers, 3+ flight attendants
  • 1 guard and 2 pilots – FM-1 flight crew
  • 1 Bad guy?
  • 1 Bad guy – icicle through the eye
  • 2 Bad guys – snowmobile related death
  • 1 Army special forces member – betrayed by others, knife to the throat
  • 1 Bad guy – sucked into a jet engine
  • 16+ Bad guys on plane – Yippie ki-yea m—–f—er

So at a minimum, 270 deaths

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