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Crystal growing and air sensitive compounds

Posted by aonomus on February 27, 2010

In preparation for making my own ferrofluid from scratch, I made a large batch of FeCl2 by reducing FeCl3. The only catch is that its air sensitive even in solution, trying to boil it down or dry it out in air will result in oxidation to a mixture of oxides and hydroxides. After making the FeCl2 solution, vacuum distillation was used to dry out the mixture, followed by cooling, and recovery.

A parallel experiment was run using FeSO4 -> FeCO3 -> FeCl2 in solution, which was dried using a desiccator over 2 months. After only partially drying, the liquid was removed, crystals washed from FeCl3 impurities, and finally put in a desiccator to dry.

So finally, some eye candy.

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