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What do Whoppers (maltese balls) and spray snow have in common?

Posted by aonomus on December 30, 2009

It sounds like an awkward combination, malted milk chocolate coated balls and spray snow have 2 ingredients in common!

The two ingredients in common are calcium carbonate , and sorbitan tristearate (surfactant). Spray snow uses calcium carbonate as the ‘snow’, and sorbitan tristearate as a surfactant to allow it to mix with the water in the can so it can be sprayed out. In Whoppers, the calcium carbonate is likely a texture modifier, while the sorbitan tristearates use is unknown.

Spray snow MSDS:

Whoppers ingredients:

Note: while these two products have ingredients in common, I am not trying to falsely claim Whoppers are toxic. This is merely a casual observation that I made after I was bored enough to read the MSDS for spray snow, and recently read the ingredient list on my box of chocolate. Also from what I can ascertain, the spray snow isn’t terribly toxic either, although I suspect it would taste *horrible* (and also the propellant would be flammable, obviously).

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