Why talk about it now?

I wonder what we have here….

Posted by aonomus on October 27, 2009

Update Nov 3, 2009: almost ready for some fun things…

1L and 500mL round bottom flasks, plus all the other bits for distillation. Enough to do reflux and workup. I have also gotten a separatory funnel (not shown) and other bits of glassware.

Upcoming soon will be a procedure for hydrolysis of vegetable based oils to obtain oleic acid, which amongst other uses will be for a ferrofluid procedure.

Oh what a lovely Tuesday morning, but what rouses me from my sleep so early?

My distillation glassware has finally arrived!

Just as a teaser, but perhaps down the road things like essential oil steam extraction and simple distillations will be posted.

2 Responses to “I wonder what we have here….”

  1. worldspawn said

    Keck clips! And I think I see a beautiful 2000ml RBF.

    Very, very nice. I think I’ll be buying from United next. Their prices for 3-necks and giant boiling flasks are definitely reasonable.

    How did the heated stir plate hunt go?

  2. aonomus said

    Actually a 1000mL RBF.

    Keep in mind that UGT does custom packages, and also has an ebay store, look around for the best prices. UGT has one of the better selections for common glassware (some things are more expensive than expected though, such has hardware/clamps/stands).

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