Why talk about it now?

Apologies for lack of posts

Posted by aonomus on August 7, 2009

Hi all, sorry for the recent lack of posts but a series of events has prevented me from doing stuff and writing articles. Some things I do have planned in the works are:

  • A solar shunt controller for float charging batteries
  • Another battery revival revisit
  • Possibly reviews of the Motomaster Powerbox equivalents of the Xantrex Powerpack 400 plus, and the Powerpack 1500. (Note that due to clumsy charging by a family member, the Powerpack 1500 review may be only partial due to battery issues).

PS: Wisdom tooth extractions, no matter how straightforward are still a pain. (Yeseterday I underwent a wisdom tooth extraction that was simple compared to almost all other stories I’ve heard, but it still hurts!)

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