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On the road – aonomus rocks Virginia Beach

Posted by aonomus on June 18, 2009

So I promised that I’d have something cool coming up, the major ‘secret’ project I’ve been working on is an Autonomous Surface Vehicle entered into a AUVSI competition. While I will eventually do a full writeup with pictures and descriptions of various hacks that we have done, and the general construction of the boat, however I’m to tied up with actually helping the team with getting the project complete and working for the competition.

The competition itself is held at Virginia Beach, at the Founders Inn hotel under the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International. Starting on July 19th onwards, each night at 10pm the officials have said that a ‘recap’ video will be posted. As well, at some point there will be a live webcast set up… more details as they come.

In other news, I have finally popped my ham radio cherry while on this road trip. My friend had his FT-897 set up in the roadtripmobile with a 2m magmount antenna ontop of the van, I managed to make my first contacts as a ham on repeaters on the way down towards VA beach. Since his radio and mine (FT-857) are fairly similar with the multifunction display driven controls, it wasn’t terribly hard to make contacts, unfortunately there were issues with the power wiring to the radio, so my apologies to anyone that was speaking with me and got cut off.

To tide y’all over, pics are available here:

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