Why talk about it now?

Monday Rant!

Posted by aonomus on January 12, 2009

Ok, so 9am classes on Monday, not the best thing – especially when fighting the tail end of a cold.

First and foremost – people need to watch where they are walking. This is a long ongoing rant of mine, but as a greater aspect, people no longer seem to care about other people by basic consideration at all. When you walk down a hallway people now expect you to move out of their way, its rediculous. When the hallway is narrow to 2 people and you can’t move, they ram through anyway and give you dirty looks as a result. I don’t want to seem like a jerk, but I think that this general lack of respect for other human beings is due either to generational and/or racial change, *or* that corporate media has brainwashed people to care about nothing other than consumerism.

Moral of the story: Watch where you are walking, especially when you are smaller than the person infront, and they honestly don’t care if you get knocked over cause you didn’t move…

Edit: Also, girls with TNA bags: no one cares, you look silly and your bag takes up on average 1-1.5 body widths

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