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Audio Modulated Tesla Coil part 2!

Posted by aonomus on December 25, 2008

So over the last few days I’ve been busting my balls getting the modulator complete, a few hours before midnight I met my personal deadline of plugging in the modulator board to the main circuit board. The result is a half-passable audio modulation. My future plan is to replace the entire mainboard with a PLL circuit, fullbridge, and current transformer feedback giving much better audio quality.

The modulator is a bit of a rats nest, I’d mount all the pots to a board and have fewer connectors, but I don’t have the ability to drill super-accurate holes into heavy steel (thus any board would be useless).

The plugin modulator board

There is also video! For anyone with time I’d suggest taking a look at my Youtube channel, I have more videos there, but for anyone that wants the quick sample, look below.

Note: audio quality has since been improved from the time of the filming as the enclosure was not closed (and therefore not shielded) at the time of filming.

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