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Um. What?

Posted by aonomus on July 18, 2008

So I received my *big* digikey order today and I began the nerd ritual of unboxing. First thing that catches my eye is a label that reads “RES 1.2K OHM 1/4W 5% CARBON FILM” only to be stapled to a bag of plastic connectors (which I didn’t order either). Oh well, only part out of the order, but for a hand picked thing I’m surprised there wasn’t any check for mistakes before packaging…. too bad I didn’t receive a pile of IGBT bricks or something better.

So a quick 1-800 call and I manage to find out that it must have been in the same row, maybe the same bin and digikey hand-picks all their orders anyways, so for a low error rate, just my luck 😀 I might have to return these ones, which would suck due to S&H and customs. I didn’t even get the metal pins so these connectors are kinda useless too….

Update: I got charged $0.61 for the resistors, and zero for the S&H cause they made a mistake and likely will ship Monday. Good luck for my first Digikey order…. now if that catalog will arrive I can collapse my bookshelf.

One Response to “Um. What?”

  1. Simon said

    A blog from the UK. Digi-key spend a fortune advertising in the UK. My message to to the UK market is don’t bother with them. I ordered some very basic old-fashioned connectors. They wanted to know everything!. My customer name and address, and if they were not the end-user then who was. The exact application, the word ‘industrial’ is not enough. And so forth.

    Now I know the US is paronoid about where electronics end-up, but hey, SMA connectors? Come on. So Digi-key, I won’t be coming back anythime soon. Its back to Newark for me, not perfect, but they don’t ask for my life history for a few bucks worth of connectors.

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