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Posted by aonomus on May 2, 2008

So I just picked up a used Philips PM3212 analog oscilloscope…. a good steal at the price I got it for ($91). Ontop of that I got some other goodies (read: 200 red LED’s, 50 white, 10 blue, and 200 1N4148 diodes). I ordered the items through the guy’s ebay store, however the printed of invoice indicates he runs a web store ( out of Burlington. Photos within.

Waveform from a 555 timer

My new oscilloscope, driven by a 556 (Dual 555) showing a 2uS pulse high to 1.5 uS low (1,2), and my oscilloscope showing Daft Punk’s Around the World (Alive 2007), Channel 1 Left, Channel 2 Right (3). Unfortunately I never got around to buying a decent probe, so I’m stuck with a slightly noisy (read: squirrly BNC connector on the cable side) BNC to alligator clip cable for now, even the dollar store BNC-RCA adapters are cleaner.

The aforementioned goods, item list is linked. I got a really good deal on all the components, Supremetronic charges $0.50 per white/blue LED, whereas I got about $0.10 for each one of the white/blue’s, and probably 20 cents a diode anyways, so I’m getting most certainly a good deal at $0.01[8] a diode.

And last but not least a Weller WLC100 soldering station, not the greatest, but hey, for $30 its a deal. I also find it funny that a dollar store will sell BNC to RCA adapters, because its the least likely connector type for your average home AV setup, and not many people own oscilloscopes….

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