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Downtown Toronto Shopping

Posted by aonomus on May 1, 2008

Righteo, so earlier this week I went into downtown Toronto with a friend and went shopping on foot. Heres a bit of a cheat sheet in terms of cool places to go to while shopping.

Queen Street between Spadina Ave and University Ave:

  • Active Surplus Electronics
  • Steve’s Music Store
  • General clothing stores, fashion, and a pub or two.

As a note: Supremetronic has moved across the street into the home hardware. A little more cramped, but in general not too big of a difference.

Kensington Market

  • Clothing, surplus, small market stores and cafe’s.
  • Blue Banana Market: Random houseware/esoteria/decor. Many different stalls owned by various companies/brands/artists/artisans.
  • Generally bound by the rectangle marked by College St, Spadina Ave, Dundas St, and Bellevue Ave. Map: link.

Yonge St Shopping

  • The Eaton Centre is also located at Yonge/Dundas, parking is available but its probably easier to go on foot unless you intend to buy too much to carry reasonably….
  • Also, likley the biggest sex store of Toronto, Seduction is just north of Yonge and Wellesley St and has probably the most selection out of any one around, not to mention more friendly staff/less sketchy location than any other which makes people feel safe and without pressure.

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